PROJECT: Renovation of the Pushkinsky Cinema
TYPE: International Competition
PLACE: Moscow
ORGANIZER: UAR, DU Pont, Architizer
YEAR: 2008
TEAM: Federica Caccavale, Alessandro Casadei,Paolo Pineschi

Daniele Damiani, Marta Hrvatin, Fabrizio Romano, Michele Russo


The project is limited to the facade of the building and this physical limit is intended as a representation of the boundary between the magic realm of cinematographic fiction and the real world outside. A sculptured mirror façade becomes the blurring threshold to cross to enter an entirely different world, as Alice passing through the looking glass. The façade reflects the urban space, its continuous changes, the succession of the seasons, the interweaving of natural lights and shadows, the dynamic life of the city and at the same time the images projected on the interactive floor of the cinema’s foyer. On the reflecting surface of the Pushkinsky’s façade these distant worlds, the urban environment and the fictional universe, merge and coexist. The Cinema is turned into a highly visible landmark in the historical city environment without being just evident in itself: its façade is an interactive device. During the Moscow Film Festival the building becomes a sort of incredibly visible Magic Lantern, as was named the first optical projection device, but in the everyday life the contrast with the surroundings is much more subtle.