PROJECT: Begegnungszentrum des Erzbistums München
TYPE: Architectural Design and Construction Management
CLIENT: Archdiocese of Munich and Freising
TEAM: Federica Caccavale, Alessandro Casadei, Paolo Pineschi

with Mabel Aguerre, Angel Almendariz Fernandez, Blanca Bea Cirauqui, Laura Di Dario, Maria Gerardi, Marta Hrvatin, Ainhoa Igerategi Etxeberria, Ernesto Mayerà, Giacomo Marafini, Elisa Mazzola, Silvia Pecci, Michele Russo, Francesca Spadaccino

All Images by Alberto Novelli

The project intervenes on an historical building, a 5 storey “palazzo” in a residential area in a North-Western borough of Rome, by one of the most famous Art Nouveau Italian architects, Gino Coppede’. The construction included an Art-Nouveau exotic garden, dilapidated after having been neglected for many years. The project is based on a strong separation between the historical building, restored and brought back to the original state as possible and the new construction. This approach, that avoids ambiguous contaminations between the pre-existing elements and the new ones, is fully represented in the small church realized as a building within the building, an ark made of wooden arches wrapping the space (12 – in the number of the Apostles). The old stairs have been demolished and replaced by a new wooden sculptural stairs that connect all levels and encourage to visit the building, up to the scenic terrace at the fourth floor that oversees the entire city.